Friday, January 8, 2010

Hardanger in 2010

So, I have signed up for a class with my MIL and two friends to learn hardanger! They have all taken a class before, so I am definately the newbie of the group.  Although, they say they have totally forgotten, but I am sure the class will jog their memories. 

I have taken a class on tatting before, and hardanger looks much more useful.  I am hoping it will be a good class and I can make something maybe for my mom and dad for their 40th anniversary this summer - wouldn't that be awesome?

Well, today is major cleaning day...I have taken down the manger scene, the small tree, and some other random Christmas stuff.  I would like to vacuum downstairs before Nathan gets up, but thought I would take a break to surf the web/blog here. 

Tomorrow will be even sadder, with the big tree coming down, now that ephipany is over.  The house always looks so dull, cold, and bare when the decorations come down. 

We are also seriously considering a major purchase tomorrow: a sleep number bed.  I have been sleeping horribly for months, sleeping in the other room, staying and moving to and from the floor, and apparently even pushing Chris out of the bed a few times (although I don't remember it, he swears I did in order to sleep in the only comfortable spot on the bed, the middle). 

Nathan went to bed at 1, so I probably only have another 15 minutes of freedom.  With not being able to go outside for an hour or so each day, he doesn't sleep as much. 

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  1. Fun. I have a few pieces of hardanger embroidery that my Grandma and a relative in Norway have done, really pretty. My Grandma used to do a lot of it.

    A good bed is definitely worth the money. It makes such a big difference when you sleep well and comfortably.