Thursday, January 7, 2010

Homemade Chicken Enchiladas - With Green Chile Sauce

So, for the past two hours (not including time to roast the chicken), I have been making and preparing things for chicken enchiladas.  These are amazing - courtesy of Chris' brother who resides in New Mexico, but to do everything from scratch takes a lot of work.  Here is how it goes:

Roast one whole chicken.  Remove from drippings.

With drippings, make a nice broth (i.e., add carrots and celery and peppercorn and bring to a boil and simmer and skim off fat and there you go). 

While you are making the broth, make about 3 cups cooked rice - brown rice works nicely.  When rice is done, drain and put on bottom of two 9 by 13 pans.

While you are making the rice, make your green chile sauce.  Now,  you can buy tiny cans of green chiles from the local grocery (but you will never have enough for this recipe unless you buy a ton), or you can look for a place online to get green chiles in bulk.  I don't know of any local store here in Minnesota that sells them. We get them from New Mexico, in this big tub, they are already roasted, peeled, and diced. 

So, you saute onion, garlic, and add oregano, and then add the green chiles and then add your chicken broth.  I like to simmer this down until the sauce is thick.  Depending on the type of chile you purchased, this sauce could be mild (boring!) or incredibly hot (yae!). 

Then, once that is almost complete, you take all the meat off the chicken.  Put it into a large pot with a half gallon of whole milk and a bunch of pepper.  Simmer until the milk is almost gone and the chicken is all shredded and pulled apart. 

When this is done, put the chicken into tortillas (large ones) and roll 'em up.  Place them in the pan with rice, put the green chile sauce on top, lots of cheese, and bake until done.

You'll need sour cream to eat these, to kind of cool off the chile taste, and we usually make some refried beans with it too...which also helps.  I throw some chicken broth in my refried beans too to make them smoother.


  1. So how come we weren't invited over for supper tonight?

  2. OMgosh, because they weren't done (started at 4) until 8PM AND because you live a billion hours away. ;-)

    They were almost too hot for me...I had to slowly eat mine!

  3. Does Nathan like hot stuff? Haylie would probably love them. I make a lot of that kind of stuff too. Chicken flautas are my favorite.

  4. Nathan doesn't like hot stuff yet...he cried the one time we put taco bell hot sauce on his plate and he ate some (he asked for it so we were like, okay!). :-) Didn't know Haylie liked spicy foods...we will have to hit up a Mexican place again sometime...