Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is the first tri almost over already?

Yes, it's finally out - baby #2 is on the way!  I can hardly believe the last 12 weeks are done already, but I am so thankful at the same time.  We heard the heartbeat on Monday morning (such sweet relief and joy!), and told family Monday evening. 

It's been an interesting 12 weeks, only the past eight have I felt "pregnant".  Being pregnant again is definately a different experience than being pregnant the first time.  I didn't even go into the doctor until I was 11 weeks along, not having the need to pee in the cup and be told "you are pregnant and to take prenatals". 

Its very similar to last time, so when I woke up sick, Chris yelled at me to eat, and it immediately helped.  He put graham crackers in my nightstand, which was sweet.  I knew I would suddenly be tired/exhausted at points in the day, and I was, so I took naps.   Long, sweet naps and Nathan would wake up before I did..and I would go to bed almost at the same time he did there for a few weeks. 

The one difference this time around is that I missing alcohol a lot more...I have been craving it, actually.  I take a sip every now and then, and it helps (or a sniff :-)). 

I also know that in six months, our lives will completely change in ways we do not yet anticipate, so its best to anticipate that we will not have a life for at least three months when that time comes while we adjust.  I think with Nathan I underestimated the amount of constant care he would need, and the lack of time I would have for myself (none!).  This time I feel more prepared to know that not only will the same thing occur, but it will probably be worse, as I have a little demanding two-year old.

I am debating sending him to daycare full-time once the baby comes, rather than removing him completely for four months while I am home.  I think it would be really hard on him not to have that stimulation, and if he does stay home with me, we can't go in "Mama's car" or "Play choo-choos" or "Play blocks" everytime he asks.  I have already started turning him down on his constant need to have someone to play with, and its been rough.  First he cries, then he gets mad, and yells, and then I make him do a timeout or go lay down, and then he is better.  

Due date is August 20th, so I can see already it will be an extremely hot August and I will hate going outside during the day.  The anxiety and excitement with being pregnant is here...and while I want to say "i wish things would go better this time", I feel like I can't say that, because Nathan came out just fine and it all turned out okay...even though I quite a hard third trimester last time. 

So, I have been working on projects, trying to get stuff done and wrapped up, and learning some new trades (as I mentioned, hardanger).   Maybe tomorrow I will take my sewing machine over to my Mom's and make some more progress on my raggy quilt.  I made quite a dent last weekend, but I still have work to do!

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