Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's not worth it...

It has been slow for me lately at work.  The slowest it has been in a long time.

Yesterday I got asked to be on a project - the person who asked me asked late, that is, the project/training was starting soon so there wouldn't be much time to plan.  The training was either to be virtual or live for two days.  I was happy to be asked to be involved in something. 

Last night then I found out the training is Georgia, for three nights and three days, Wednesday - Friday.  Well, I don't typically work Thursday and Friday, so we don't have daycare.  So, if I do need to work, I have to make other arrangements or Christopher stays home.  So far we have managed very well, but this is just really short notice to get it worked out. 

I also hate flying, but I guess I will do it when I have to. 

Anyways, so last night I went to bed resolved to just figure out my schedule tomorrow (oh, and I would miss my first hardanger class, but hopefully that can be rescheduled).  Well, first, suddenly the person I need to talk to about this is non-responsive.  Second, I get this email saying I need to do pre-requisites for the training, starting today, and I am not at work today so I cannot attend.  Also, tomorrow.  Again!  Not at work! 

So, I dunno what's going on, but it's not worth it I finally decided.  I guess if I makes me look bad, it makes me look bad, and I am willing to do things for work, always have been, but now with a family, I can't just pick up and go. I wish it were easier. 

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