Friday, January 15, 2010

My Very First Car Accident

I was in a parking ramp going up to park my car last night around 5:45 (don't ask why I had to go into work that late, it is a really annoying reason...).

Suddenly, there is a car in front of me - I slam on the brakes, and am thankful, I do not hit the car as I wasn't going very fast (its a pretty busy ramp).  Had I hit the car, I would have smashed into the driver side door, so thank goodness I didn't.  But, the driver who was backing up, continued to back up, and turned his car into mine and *crunch*.

Of course, my car was worse.  All we could see on his car was a scratch - it was mostly his tire that hit my bumper, which, of course, is cracked and was falling off. 

He wants to get estimates and then see if we both want to submit claims...parking lot accidents are pretty much 50/50 apparently, and may or may not increase your insurance.   I find this all very annoying, as it wasn't a very big accident, so why should my insurance go up?  I wish I could have honked or backed up or told him to stop - of course, I had about one second, so I don't even think I had time to breathe after I stopped. 



  1. Bummer. I hope you are ok physically. Probably good that it came from the front though. I was rear-ended at really low speed and it still permamently screwed my neck up. Make sure you get checked out if you are feeling anything so it can be proved on your insurance claim.

  2. I am okay physically - I was completely stopped and he was just backing up, so my car didn't even move when he hit me, my bumper just crunched, which, is what its supposed to do. Thanks though, it was definately an experience talking to a stranger who's car just hit yours...