Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our basement is kind of cold....

All my sewing stuff is down in the basement.  I think I have posted the pictures.  But, lately, when it is -17 degrees out, the basement gets chilly!  We keep our whole house at 60 degrees during the day while we are gone, so when we get home, even though the upstairs is nice and cozy, its quite chilly downstairs.  Thus, I haven't worked on my sewing for weeks. 

I really want to, I would like to finish these dang four-patches that are currently my arch nemesis.  Mostly becasue they are boring and I have to do a  MILLION of them for this project.  Seriously, I think they should be banned.  Oh well I guess.

I have the night off, so my ambitious plans are:  four patches and Taco Bell!  Although, the Taco Bell would involve me going to get it, so that may not happen. 

Have I mentioned its cold out?  brrrr! 

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