Sunday, January 31, 2010

Typical weekend morning and an update on projects

Here is the start of my hardanger project.  We had class on Tuesday, and since then, I have completed the first assignment, well, almost twice.  I was pretty upset on Wednesday evening when I was almost done with the outline and I realized I didn't have enough fabric on the other end to even finish the design.  I was really annoyed, because the teacher told us exactly where to start (she even made me move my starting place in farther!).  It turns out everyone started pretty much too far in...I ripped and pulled out the stitches, and if I hadn't been at my MIL's, there would have been tears. 

But, I am enjoying learning this, and I am loving the varigated thread.  I am a little scared to do the wrong move and you are done!  So, we will have to see how that part goes.  I don't think that is a part you can do around Nathan...but the stitching I can, which is nice.  He plays cars and I can stitch. 

Below is the stack of fabrics for my raggy quilt.  I am making one for here at home, with the fabrics leftover from Karen's quilt I gave her last Christmas (2008).  Chris wanted it another foot longer than the other one we have in the family room, so I had to go and buy a few more fabrics.  The JoAnn's in Roseville is moving, so I got 14 yards of fabric last week at 65% off - spent around $37...which was amazing!  I was very excited.   

You quilt as you go with this one, so I am almost done "x-ing" all of the little "quilt-lets".  This is my third time making this quilt, so I am less fussy about how the X's look or the straightness of each square - especially since its something for us here. 

After that week where everything was melting, and then froze over again, my parents driveway is an ice rink.  It usually gets like that a little bit every year, but this year it was especially bad.  Nathan couldn't even walk from the car to the house without falling down constantly (I held his hand up, but I almost fell with him!).  Well, on Friday when I dropped him off there (my mom is watching him once a week now due to busy season) we fish-tailed at this really icy curve at the bottom of the hill.  Well, turns out my poor sister did a 180 in the same spot that same afternoon and completely crunched the front end of her car into the snowbank.  So, today we are going over to loan her my car for the week, so she doesn't have to pay for a rental.  So, we will be a one-car family this week!

Below are some pictures of Nathan and Daddy doing their normal Saturday morning routine:

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