Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unexpectedly, an afternoon off...

Well, Chris took Nathan over to Grandma's this afternoon because I apparently "need a break". 

What, a girl can't have a day where she doesn't feel well and is cranky? 

I took Nathan outside because he is an active child and needs to do active things; however, he hates walking in the snow.  He wanted to get his truck out, so he did, but he didn't want to drive it on the driveway which I suggested.  Instead, he wanted to drive it on the snow.  But, the snow is like 2 feet deep, more in some areas.  So, I put it on the snow for him.  Almost immediately, he became frustrated that he couldn't push his truck in the snow.

So, I told him I would do it for him.  He didn't like that and cried.  He didn't like walking and cried.  I was not about to carry him around the yard, so I made him walk.  That kid bawled all the way until he got to his sandbox, and then once we were done playing there, all the way back to the front yard. 

I wonder what the neighbors thought.  I just stood there waiting for him, telling him he could do it, and he finally did it.  But it was quite the spectacle. 

What I don't understand is, Nathan is a daredevil lately in the house - sliding across the kitchen floors...falling on purposes and rolling around going "whoa!  whoaaaaaaa!"...jumping off the couch onto pillows, jumping off the stairs, jumping off his bed, climbing on things, you get the point.  Yet, a little bit of snow, and he reverts to giving up immediately and crying. 

Must be a boy thing.  

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  1. I am envious that you have Grandmas to take him so you get a break. No breaks here, cranky or not. No breaks from mom for Haylie either. You are very lucky! I wish my MIL was more like that.