Friday, January 1, 2010

What were your best days of 2009?

On the way out to the lake this morning, Kevin, Chris and I were discussing what our best days were of 2009.  Its so incredibly easy to name the bad days...I can name five off without even thinking about it - but its more difficult to think of your best days...why?  I guess that says something about our culture, our attitudes, our focus in life...something that we need to work on changing....Anyways, some of my best days were that I can remember really aren't that exciting of things:

- Mom, Dad, Karen and Kevin coming for a lentin supper of McDonald's fish sandwiches and playing Wii.

- The day when I saw that Nathan's rash that lasted two months finally went away!

-  The day spent picking pumpkins with Grandma and then grilling chicken with everyone afterwards

- Nathan's face at the Minnesota Zoo this spring when he saw all the animals and was walking and running around

- Our trips with Nathan in the bike buggy

- An afternoon at Anne and Gary's, with Nathan and Gus in the pool, and the rest of us sipping beverages on the deck...I remember the day was just beautiful...

-The day Daddy taught Nathan how to drink out of the hose...

-The day my landscaping got put in and completed

- The day Karen and I took Nathan to the beach

- The day Lauren, Chris, Matt and I went to SuperDawg in Chicago!  Oh, and ate pizza in Chicago!

- The day Kevin, Dad and I went ice fishing

- The day I spent baking pies, canning, cooking, and just making things all day long by myself...

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