Friday, February 26, 2010

Catching up...

I just caught up on my blog reading...and they are so different that I wonder how God keeps track of where everyone is at and what everyone is going through.  Cars repossessed, grief, happiness, buying material goods, kids, annoyances with work...some are obviously more serious than others, but all of these things are important to each individual person. 

And then I wonder, what is really important to me right now?  My appointment this week went well, and I was...relieved.  When I heard the heartbeat for the second time, and was told it sounded strong and good, I felt relaxed.  God told me He was in control and I was not to worry, and I was doing pretty good until a few days before, and then, sitting in the waiting room I said to Chris, "why am I worried?  I just can't seem to help it."  And he said, "Because, you are supposed to be's normal."  And I thought about it, and he was right. 

Did I mention I got my dresser?  Yes, its here, and I have slowly been moving things into it.   I put stuff in Chris' new drawers today, and I think he will be happy I did it.  I'll have to post some pictures later.  I still have two or three drawers to fill.  :-)  I cannot decide what I want those to be!   

On another note, I am starting to feel the baby move, which is fun.  I would never have known what it was I don't think if I haven't had a baby before, but I have definately felt the flutters and bubbles and wiggles. 

Nathan and I had the same cold the past three waxes and wanes, and last week I had a horrible cough.  I am sure Chris was annoyed with my coughing fits at night.  Poor Nathan is now going through the same coughing fits at night, especially last night, so I am boosting his vitamins now as I have been neglecting that for awhile, which probably explains the duration of this cold.  Vitamin D baby!  and some C! 

Tonight I am trying a new recipe...sweet potato burritos.  Its Friday, so no meat.  It got rave reviews online, but I made them over the lunch hour and they seem weird.  Its sweet potatoes, mashed, a black bean mixture with spices and garlic and onion, and then cheese.  Does it sound good?  At first I thought it did, but after making them with all the mush and beans, I am not sure.  Remind me to report back later. 

Nathan has had very interesting spurts of talking and bouts of creativity and independence lately.  It is beyond cute.  I was taking a shower the other day, and had all my clothes laid out, except for socks.  When I got out of the shower, there was a pair of non-matching socks on top of my pile.   I wore them, because  Nathan picked them out for me and thought of me...everytime I looked at them that day, I smiled. 

He wants to help so much lately that it has become almost a hinderance, and I can hardly get anything done.  Everytime I open the dishwasher, he goes, "all clean?" and I am like, "not yet!"  And he has a fit if I don't let him close it back up.  He likes to help give his clothes and blankets "a bath", and lately picks up every crumb he sees on the floor and brings it to me to ask me "what's this" and then to tell me its "yucky".   He wants to help make the bed but isn't very good at it, and unmakes it more than the makes it.  But he tries so hard, you can't let him  not help. 

I just ate a donut.  I guess its my day off then.  :-)

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