Friday, February 12, 2010

Do I smell bacon frying?

Yes, that's right, I do.  Feeling happy this morning because Daddy is working from home to help me watch Nathan and he is also apparently making me breakfast! 

I have a virtual training to do today from 10-1 followed by a 30 minute call.  At first I was going to try to do it all by myself, but I figured that wouldn't work.  Fortunately, Chris was able to re-arrange things so he could help out today. 

Roary gets his stitches out today at 4:45, so it will be a busy day.  I am ready for the weekend, but its possible I may be working tomorrow morning depending on what my teams tell me today.  That's okay though, it's busy season and I am ready for it. 

The Olympics start next week which I am excited for, but it will start to be such a busy time I am glad I have a DVR.  Karen and I always would get really into the winter olympics ice skating, and summer olympics gymnastics.  Lately though we get more into the summer games just because there is more time.  I really enjoy the olympics, not sure why they don't show more of the interesting sports on tv - like that one where you ski around and then shoot targets?  That is so awesome!

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