Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few pictures

We spent a Saturday over at my mom and dad's two weeks ago - we had burgers for dinner.  I love this classic picture of Karen assembling them.  We also played Settler's - I won a game for once, but Chris won the second.  Kevin and Karen still haven't won one, but I am sure it will be soon if we keep playing...

Classic Mom picture - getting salad ready

Classic "men" picture - waiting for their dessert to be served...

Here is the new bed - ta da! I was very proud of myself last Friday...I worked the entire day at cleaning, did a conference call from 1 - 2, washed beddings and got this bed together, and made dinner.  I was so tired by the time Chris got home! 

Here it is finished - we also got two lamps for our nightstands. 

Nathan got a new book last night on busses - he just loves busses lately too.  I asked him if I could read it to him while Daddy was making patty melts and he said, "no ma!  dada!  Dada book...Buses...Please dada!"  So Daddy sat down with him for a few minutes to read the book.  Very sweet.

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