Friday, February 5, 2010

The First Post of February

Hard to believe it is already February 5th!  A very snowy Minnesota day it is.  I am awaiting delivery of our new bed - its supposed to come anytime between 8 and noon, so I am stuck not being able to do much until then.

I am thinking chocolate chip cookies today - its been forever since we've had, and I've made, just plain old chocolate chip cookies....just think of how they will smell while baking!  In all honestly, I wish my mom would come over and make chocolate chip cookies in my house while I napped.  I think that would be the perfect scenario here. 

Somethings been weighing on my mind and heart heavily this week - my friend suffered a great loss, the loss of her baby boy.  And at the same time, it seems people are talking about that Tebow commercial - on the news, at the water cooler, in the paper.  And I read and listen to the "rationale" about being "offended" by this commercial and/or pro-choice, but I cannot find anything remotely rational about either of those items. 

I have been wondering when the women's groups stopped really caring about women. 

Men and women are not equal, and one cannot simply be the other.  Even raising Nathan it has become completely obvious to me that there are inherent differences in girls and boys (granted, there are always exceptions).  But, I have handed Nathan a doll before at someone's house and he chucks it and goes for the toy truck.  No one taught him to like either better...he just always picks the toy you would associate with boys liking.    I feel like these women's groups like NOW are not really representing whom they purport to represent:  women.  It's more like these groups have a certain agenda and they pretend to speak on behalf of all women.  They don't want to represent what is special and unique about women and finding ways to support it - its rather that they want to demoralize anyone or anything who would dare say women are not equal to men.

I admire men who treat women like women.  It's a way and sign of respect.  I admire men who respect a woman's talent and intelligence and unique abilities.  There seems to have been a time in our history where these women's groups really did support women.  I think it has fallen by the wayside. 


  1. Women's groups are not saying that Men and Women are equal in personality or likes and dislikes. They are saying the sexes are equal in that they deserve equal rights and that women be given the same opportunities as men. There are always extreme cases in any group - extreme feminists who would become angry if a man held the door for them - but you shouldn't generalize an entire movement based on extreme cases.

  2. I wasn't generalizing the entire movement which has spanned generations -- I was talking about the groups as the exist today - they are the voice of the extremists - they don't focus on what you say above, instead, they have a very narrow agenda that purports to speak on behalf of all women. They have become the voice of the extremists.