Friday, February 19, 2010


I am so tired of multi-tasking I could puke.  seriously.   I just want a day where I do one thing at a time.  Slowly.  Quietly.  I think this feeling is compounded by the fact it's busy season, and one thought jumps to the next thought before the first thought is finished. 

I should have taken pictures of our house this morning.  It is crazy when I am busy and just come home and sleep.  It would have been much worse had Chris not been cleaning up parts of the kitchen at night...but it was still bad...junk mail everywhere, shoes and coats on the floor, toys scattered, things that need to be swept, wiped, cleaned, vaccummed, piles of laundry, etc..  My mother doesn't know how bad it gets some's bad. 

So, my next multi-tasking thing is to continue cleaning and be on a conference call, after which, maybe I can nap?  Because I am tired.  Actually, I haven't walked for days on the treadmill, so, maybe I can be on the call while on the treadmill and stopping to do laundry when it needs to be switched?  Sweet, that would rule if I could pull that off, three things at once.  But, Nathan isn't napping yet, so that may not work.  I just let him have a brownie too, bad idea, not very good sleepy food. 

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