Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Little Navigator

Today was the infamous once a month shopping trip.  Nathan wanted to go with Mommy so badly..."Bye bye Dada!  I go Mama!  Where my shoes?"  I gave in.  His cute little face and he was just so happy thinking he was coming with...I decided to see if I could drop him off at Grandma's for an unexpected visit as I had about six stops to make. 

As we were driving down the road, I got into the left turn lane.  Nathan started say, "No mama.  Bat Bay!  Bat Bay!"  And I am like, "what?  a baby?"  And he goes, "no.  no!  Bat bay!"  And I look back and as we are turning Nathan is pointing down the road.  It dawned on me then, I said, "You want Mama to go 'that way'?"  He goes, "YES!"  The way he was pointing was to Grandma Speltz's.  The way we were going was to Grandma Schwartz's and daycare. 

So, it was even funnier when we got to the stoplight where you turn right to go to daycare, or straight to go to Grandma's, Nathan was even louder this time, pointing straight ahead, "Mama! That way!  That way!"  I just started to laugh.  So, then at every turn, I asked him, "which way Nathan?" and he knew every single one.  Next thing you know, he'll be driving.   

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