Sunday, February 7, 2010

Unofficial anniversary

Yesterday, February 6, was our unofficial anniversary - 12 years...It's kind of crazy.  When I think about it, I can hardly believe we have been together that long, it doesn't feel like it at all. 

I am still not sleeping well, even in the new bed, thanks to my relapse of my cold.  Nathan and I both have the exact same thing - just congestion, but it gets awful at night of course. 

I have been feeling better, and the other night instead of feeling exhausted and ready for bed, I felt happy and relaxed, which was good. 

I made much progress on my raggy quilt yesterday - I only have three strips left to make, and then I can sew the strips together and be done.  I don't know when that will happen though, so the busy-ness will kick in soon I imagine. 

Tonight is the superbowl...I think I will turn it on, but will also have the Puppybowl on most of the time too.  I love watching those puppies run around!

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