Thursday, March 25, 2010


that's all i am. 

work is doing me in.  i thought i had caught up...but today as i left, i counted the red files at my desk (red = individual returns) and stared blankly at the blue files (entities) and they just stared back at me. 

glaring at me, with yellow sticky notes:  where's this?  what's that?  look at me! 

have i worked the amount of hours this week that i worked three or four years ago?  no.  probably will only work like 55+.  i probably used to work 70+ this week.  i feel like its twice as hard now than it was then...i need to come home and exercise, but i come home and am tired and hungry.  i walked last night for 10 minutes on the treadmill and was totally pooped afterwards.  yes, pooped. 

we can't find Nathan's hat..and I am wondering if it got left at daycare.  In addition, Gus is here, and Chris didn't let the cats out.  poor kitties.  i hope Roary doesn't get ticked and pee on the carpet again.  i hope chris has thought about that as he locked the kitties downstairs.  i wonder if he gave them au jus. 

other thoughts: my dad turns the t.v. up way too loud, it gives me a headache.  the old peter cottontail show with Danny Kaye in it is odd.  tomorrow is my day home with nathan, but i am going to work in the morning and chris is going in the afternoon.  it's a long day already. i need to nap more. i need to exercise more.  i need to clean more.  i need to drink more water.  i keep forgetting this week.  not good. 

but donuts are good.  yes.  talked with my friend last night too for 104 minutes.  i was wondering why my neck was getting sore.  it was fun.  i miss her. 


  1. We all need to do a lot of things more...but those things will be there to do tomorrow :) Donuts are not good in my opinion, but I'm glad you can enjoy them...hope you had one to brighten your day.

  2. Really? You don't like donuts? Not any kind? really? I wonder if Anna will inherit this dislike of time I see her...I am buying her one to test....(if you okay it, of course.....)