Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick Update

March 15 is the tax deadline for corporate returns.  For some reason, the 11th of March (and April) tend to be crazy days....I have been super busy this week.  Last night I worked until 8PM, which, isn't late for some, but is for me. 

We went to the auto show after work on Wednesday with Kevin and Karen - I was surprised by what I liked best:  the GMC Acadia (after which a GMC rep. told me it was the closest frame to the wonder I picked that one!) and the Mazda CX9.  Karen liked the Malibu and seemed interested in the Ford, but not sure.  She was fixated on the window sizes.  The price of a vehicle with a third row is scary for me.

Its been raining all week and we can now see most of the grass - the voles didn't destroy the yard as they did last year, so good news for us and for Chris. 

Nathan is in the bathtub because he had a #2 explosion today.  Not pretty. 

The cats have spring fever...I thought it was because they are hungry, but nope, they are definately twitter-pated.  Roary just got fed and he keeps harassing me - fluffy tail on the screen can't see typing!

The bedspread I ordered over a month ago is now on its way - I hope I still like it when it gets here. 

Nathan has been extraordinary sweet and hilarious lately.  The things he says and does are so cute, and yesterday he called me from Grandma's to tell me he loved me...brought tears to my eyes as I drove through the rain to another day of work. 

I have decided when the baby comes, Nathan will start going full-time to daycare.  I think he will like it as active as he is, and it will be summer.

We are going to sell the swingset we bought last spring and Chris is going to build a new one that I can swing on with Nathan.

I am longing for the sun. 

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