Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning in.....March?

Everyone was out today in my neighborhood...trimming bushes, raking...we were sweeping the garage, patio, and deck. Chris took down the Christmas lights that were no longer frozen to the roof, and Nathan and I took a trip to the park. Its March 14th! This is just weird.

Currently Nathan is crawling under our bed going "ow ow ow!" as he bonks his head. Seriously, kid?!

We went out to dinner last night as a family and Nathan was the best he has ever been. It helps that there were firetrucks and police cars on the walls, as well as a tv showing drag racing. Nathan had a corndog and both Chris I thought that thing was going to go flying a few times! :-) But Nathan was so cute, when he got to the stick, he nibbled all around it. And we ordered dessert shots...and that little boy was so serious and quiet while he ate his Oreo Mousse dessert shot we know if he ever acts up again while out we just order dessert.

We also made chocolate chip cookies today, and they were good. I haven't done that in awhile. Both Chris and Nathan were into the cookie dough (Nathan was more into picking out the chocolate chips) but when I took it away and put the cookies in the oven Nathan started to cry. I think Chris wanted to cry too but he was holding it in.

In a rather random act of naughtiness, Roary peed on the carpet again yesterday. Its been three months and we haven't had an incident...although, lately, he has been acting very strange - whiny, meowy, and wanting outside. Chris also forgot his pill, so, I think it was the combination. Hopefully this incident is a rare occurance.

I didn't manage to get my desk cleared off this week at work, which is unusual for me. I keep getting interrupted with this new project I am on, which isn't flowing as smoothly as I would like. figures.

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