Monday, March 29, 2010


My little boy is finally quite the talker...things have been coming out of his mouth left and right lately, and Chris and I are constantly raising our eyebrows wondering where he got "that" from...  It's a true joy, let me tell you, especially after hanging around fluent two year olds for quite some time now.  Here are some conversations from tonight:

Mommy (after smelling a stink):  Nathan, did you poop?
Nathan:  No, I just got the farts. 

Mommy:  Nathan, tell Daddy what we did on our walk.
Nathan:  I drove green truck on road; I saw ducks.  Six ducks!  One, two, nigh, nigh, six! (Nathan seriously was pushing his truck so fast his pregnant mother had to jog to keep up with him...)

Mommy:  Nathan, come over here, I need to wipe your hands.
Nathan:  I made a mess.  My hands dirty.  I want go outside. 

Above picture is Nathan drinking pop with Grandma, to which he said, "I like Grandma's pop."  (he had his own you know....)

"Grandpa fire"

I love this picture!  Nathan's first Dilly bar! 

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