Friday, March 19, 2010

Thinking about you...little one...

I am enjoying the quiet times with this little one... 

with my first pregnancy, my thoughts were always "when (if) the baby comes...".  I was too nervous worrying something bad would happen to appreciate it.  And too busy making sure I had enough of everything.  silly me.  carseat, diapers, bottles, done.

this time, i am making sure I spend time with him or her.  because the baby is here, right now.  and has been, for 4 months.  I talk to him more, and tell her things.  I ask him questions.  i think about a little girl, and am happy.  i think about a little boy, and am happy. 

i can feel this baby move so much sooner than I did the last one...its much different too....but that's because I think its about four weeks earlier that i noticed it this time. 

i am excited to give Nathan a brother or sister. 

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