Friday, March 5, 2010

Today we ran errands.

First, we went to JoAnn to get Nathan an Easter Basket of his own and get myself a portable Ottlite for stitching.  I was extremely disappointed in the Easter basket selection this year...they used to have so much more, and much sturdier products.  Most of these were either boring or flimsy.  Of course, Nathan fell in love with the "Lightning McQueen" Easter basket.  He hauled it around the store the entire time I was there, but no way I was buying that ($20)!  It's just not an Easter basket. 

But,  did have a good selection of some Valentine's day decorations at 70% off -- which are perfect for the anniversary party in June.  The room we rented has a lot of windows so it will be nice to have these hanging decorations on at least six of them.  Also, these will go well with the centerpieces I purchased in January which were also 80% off (one is in the picture).   I saved over $75 on today's decoration purchases, and when I purchased the centerpieces, I saved $110 - so far, so good! 

Second, we went to Lowe's, to check out their cabinet hardware.  Chris wanted more bronze colors, and they really didn't have anything true bronze but they had some stuff with bronze accents.  I bought three to see how they would look.  My favorite one is below...along with a picture of the dresser!  On the way out of the Lowe's...seriously, been to the Lowe's in Coon Rapids?  It's easy to get into, but not to get out of...and then there was this like triangular curve in the middle of the road which I didn't see (wasn't marked, didn't have a sign on it) until I drove my car onto it - argh!  I was worried something was wrong after that, but the car looked fine. 

Finally,  we went to Cub because I needed a few things for fish tacos tonight.  That was an adventure...I have been trying to find alternatives to the delicious CocaCola Classic lately as Coke apparently refuses to put their product on sale.  So, I have been buying random colas...Shasta, Superchill, etc...well, today I picked up a case of Cherry Cola Superchill since the inlaws are coming over tonight and Grandma likes  Cherry coke.  Well, I picked it up and of course, the box frickin' ripped and the cans went spilling everywhere.  Nathan was like, "ut oh...." and I was like...."no shnit!"  So, I didn't buy the stupid Superchill.  But, I did find a pack of Dr. Pepper on sale for the same price so then I felt better. 

My conscious just said "you shouldn't drink pop at all anyways".  argh. 

At least Nathan got his free cookie there, and dang, it looked delicious.  And giving him a cookie lately is so bad for me, because you open up the bakery doors and you smell donuts.  Sweet, delicious, tantilizing donuts...which normally wouldn't tempt me but of course they do once I smell them.  So, like last Friday, I caved and bought myself a donut.  And I am exhausted and need to clean, so there is no time today to work time!  Doesn't running errands qualify anyways (don't answer that...I just am tired and don't want to do my mile tonight).

Here's Roary below assisting me in my cleaning...

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  1. Running errands definitely qualifies as a workout...especially when you take a little one with you!