Friday, April 16, 2010

A balloony cleany day...

So, I am finally home!  Not working!  And things are dirty.  Christopher has been cleaning  A LOT, but let's face it, men do not see the things women do.  For instance, this morning I noticed Nathan colored all over his dresser.  I said, "Nathan, did you do this?"  He immediately said, "No, Dada did that."  I said, "I am pretty sure you did it Nathan." And then in a questioning tone he said, "Me do it?" 

But he is really enjoying the balloons I brought home for him from the party last night:

I also made my bed for the first time in weeks.  Nathan loves helping..."I help Mommy, I help."  So, can you tell which side he did?  Not bad for a two-year old! 

As I haven't been home in weeks, I have to admit, I pretty much haven't done any cooking.  Christopher has been doing all of that, with the exception of a few things on the weekend, but we mostly have been grilling.  So, I want to make something good tonight for dinner...something I can make ahead. 

So, yes, the kitchen floor is have cleaned (thank goodness! It felt like a sandpit!), and I have cleaned off the counters and scrubbed them, and I started wiping down the return vents (full of dust) and the fans which we have started to turn on and all of these little things that have not been cleaned forever!

Maybe later today while Nathan naps I will plant my Lilies.  Although, with it being a warm spring, I don't know if they will make it...they like it cool, and wet.  I am planting them in a shady, woody area on my hill, but I really want them to eventually just cover the whole thing.  We will see how far I get this  year...last year I got some from a friend but I transplanted them early June, and they didn't do very well.  Only a few survived...

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