Monday, April 19, 2010

Bragging rights....

I have been around a lot of parents with kids my age.  A LOT.  and I would say most of them (especially the ones I really don't know), brag about their kids in a very annoying fashion.  "my baby was walking at 6 baby could say 50 words by three months old...the nurse said my baby had the best sucking and so was potty trained at 18 months..."  etc. etc. 

I know all parents are proud of their kids, I am totally proud of Nathan!  I mean, have you seen his face? The kid is frickin' adorable!  But I have tried, especially around parents who ask me questions, to not make them feel like other parents have made me feel. 

But not today!  Today I feel like braggin' up my kid.  I was reading the milestone chart last night for his age, and he can more than do everything on that list...even all of the advanced stuff, like "knows one color"...ummm..Nathan knows ALL COLORS!!!  And knows letters?  Nathan knows them all...sure, he gets "P" and "B" mixed up...but they sound pretty much the same.  He uses multiple word sentences, and uses words I didn't think he would grasp for, "Momma, let's do this next..."    He walks up and down stairs one foot at time holding 5 things...let's face it, my kid is amazing!!!

Okay.  I am done now.  Just had to get that out of my system for once.


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