Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feeling old...

Today was the completion of my 10th tax I sat at the happy hour, drinking my Coca-Cola, I looked around me and felt very, very old.  I am only 31...that's not old!  But....

I do not know the "cool" songs anymore (who is this Lady GaGa anyways?...)

I do not even know half of the young staff...the people who have been there a year or two...I am like, these people work here?  Are they serious?  They look like they should be in high school!

I looked around at the clothes the younger girls were wearing...and I wondered, did I ever look that cute?  How do they wear those belts so perfectly...are those cute shoes actually worth the pain? 

I remembered how for years I would shop and buy a "new outfit" for April 15th...maybe I once was like that... 

I remember how I used to go the bar with co-workers before the "official"  happy hour...we had to start early!

There are still many people my age, or older, who did that today.  Even if I wasn't pregnant, I wouldn't have any desire to...I find it boring to sit around with people I have seen everyday for the past 4 months and talk about...the past 4 months? 

It was much more fun to come home and give Nathan three ballons from the party and watch him get all excited! 

Does that mean I am old?  I dunno.  It might.  :-)

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