Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man, this new vehicle is big!

Yes, it's true...we went to test drive vehicles today...and I drove the Acadia, and I loved it.  I cannot believe I really enjoyed a GMC that much, but I I drove it off the lot and took it home! 

It has a lot of features that I wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't already in, a DVD player.  I seriously didn't think I would ever purchase a car with one because why bother, you know?  But it was included.  And two sunroofs?  What the heck is the point of that?  And the rear-assist camera?  Which, actually, I have discovered, backing this thing up does make it impossible to see ....but now I can see everything!  It was unexpected and exhilarating, time-consuming and painful to write-out that check, but I am very happy when I think about it sitting below me now in my garage. 

Chris is going to soon sell his Subaru...I know he loves that car, so I love him more for giving it up so we have something bigger for our growing family.  Not once has he complained about doing so...he dyed an Easter Egg that said "bye bye Subaru" on it a few weeks ago.  And he keeps telling me the new car is mine, but the "old" car we are keeping was also "mine" too, so I feel kind of like we have two cars of mine, and none of his, which makes me a little sad for him. 

We got black, since the car really didn't come in any colors (and I am finding cars these days really don't, not like they used to) and that was the sharpest looking.  It has been baptised by my parent's orange gravel driveway already, and it made me smile that the first dirt on it was from there.

I put Nathan in it and told him it was our new car, and he said he "wanted out". Grandpa then asked Nathan if he could have it, and Nathan was happy to give it away and said a resounding "YES." 

Maybe I will post pictures tomorrow.  :-)

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