Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not much time...

for some reason, this week is busier than in past years.  at least, I feel like it is.  I am reacting poorly to rude clients, whom I usually just blow off.  It's been a long short week...does that make sense?  I can't believe its already Thursday evening...yet, all I have done is work work work. 

Daddy and Nathan called me at work tonight around 6:45...they were outside playing and walking around the neighborhood.   I got sad.  I know those times, those quiet, insignifcant nothing but family times, are the best times. 

On other news: It's a boy!  The ultrasound went well.  I had to go to the outpatient center at North Memorial, because that is the only place now my doctor's office can do deliveries.  I am hesitant.  After my regular appointment on Friday and my doctor not listening to me, and then finding out we cannot deliver at Unity in Fridley down the road...I have been thinking about switching doctors.   If I loved my doctor obviously I wouldn't question it.  I don't know what I am going to do yet.  I haven't had time to think it all through. 

The ultrasound though brought forth a lot of feelings I haven't really had time to think about either.  I guess I have saved them for later.  As all expecting Mom's know, it makes it even more, you could just touch your stomach and hold your baby, and you can picture that face, those ears, the toes, the hands....I have such a cute picture of baby's little when I feel a kick or a movement...I wonder what he is doing! 

We have no idea on another boy name.  I have one name I like, but Christopher doesn't.  So, if he doens't like it, it's not something I want.  I know it will come to me.  I just have to be patient. 

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