Sunday, April 11, 2010


Lately most of the thoughts in my head are questions...these are just a few....

why do all the spiders come out at once?  ick! 

why do people think I know everything about taxes?

 when will Nathan want to try the potty again?

why do the people who whine about taxes make political contributions to people who increase them? 

is my Honeylocust dead?  why isn't it budding out? 

when will I see my friends in Chicago?  It's been forever...

how bad will healthcare get now?  Is there anyway to undo what we did?

what should I make for dinner?  for lunch tomorrow?   

why doesn't this broccoli taste good? 

was I supposed to do something with my rose bushes last fall?

why does everyone assume I am sad about having another boy? (I'm not, by the way.)   

should I move Nathan to the next bedroom or put the new baby in there? 

when will I find some new shoes? 

what am I going to do about my doctor? 

do the cats have food? 

are Nathan's shoes dry?  I had better go check on this one right now.  Or he won't have shoes tomorrow. 

1 comment:

  1. Lots and lots of questions, oh my!
    Congrats on little man #2! Nathan will be a great big brother and will love having someone to idolize him! Very exciting!

    Hope you get some of your questions answered :) We need a get together...