Wednesday, May 5, 2010

13 weeks left of rigamarole....

Had another doctor's appointment this morning. 

So, the latest update on the pregnancy is that now I am almost 27 weeks.  I skipped week 24 and 25, or maybe it was week 25 and 26, either way, they changed my due date to August 6th based on the ultrasound.  My doctor even got confused this morning saying, "You haven't seen me for 7 weeks..." 

heaven forbid, all she does is make me nervous anyways

but I was like, "ummm, no...." and then she realized my due date was adjusted. 

I have mixed feelings about sharing, but yes, I did fail the one hour test again, and this time around, I refused to take the three hour.  So, I will be treated under the assumption that I have GD, so the rigamarole starts again, and even my doctor admitted this time that some of the things I 'have to' do, are ridiculous. 

And yes, I am a little frustrated to be slapped with a "label" and treated as a "label" once again.  And yes, I am a little frustrated that I have kept off 16 pounds since before the last time I got pregnant, exercise regularly, and eat very well, and apparently still have a pancreas that can't keep up.  And yes, I do get frustrated when people tell me I don't look pregnant, or that I am "very small" - especially other pregnant women who are drinking soda and eating nachos. 

Umm...yeah, that's why you gained 60 pounds by the way, so be quiet

So, we are left with another 13 weeks of quiet reflection, self-control, and praying for a healthy baby.   When I look at pictures of Nathan laughing and smiling...all the nonsense and worries the doctors put into my head fade away, and I just think about how much I love him. 

It's easy to forget that each day, each moment, we have a choice on how to think, how to react, how to live. 

Right now I am going to take my worries, package them up, and toss them on the worry train that's leavin' town...

and then I am going to go crawl into bed with Nathan, and snuggle with my two boys.

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