Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bloggy thoughts....

Lately as I am living life, driving around, walking, working or whatever, I am like, I should talk about that on my of the things I think about all the time (because I drive by it every night), is this billboard I see on my way home:

Whether or not you like it, it is thought-provoking.  And its interesting how culturally we have grown to love certain animals for food (yum chicken!) but others as pets (I love my meowmeows!) Although, I think they should have maybe used two different animals in this billboard, because chickens are dumb (sorry, they are...), and cute little fluffy chicks grow up to be...well, ugly chickens. 

Lately our house has been 59 or 60 degrees in the morning - we don't want to turn the heat back on.  Dang is it cold! Its the temperature too when we come home, so the most we have been doing is turning on the fireplace.  It's been raining a lot lately too, which is good, I don't know why people are whining about it.  Let it rain I say.  I love the sound of it on the roof and windows as I sleep.

I have been watching Dancing with the Stars...this is only the 2nd time I have really been into it.  Anyways, why is there a professional dancer on there?  Every week it's so boring to watch her, because you know she will always be good...isn't the point of the show to watch people grow...I see no growth in her...and I read in her that she majored in dance in college.  It's like a skinny person being on The Biggest Loser...yeah, exactly, what would be the point?

Nathan has been hilarious lately.  Last night he was being his wild chatty self, and so I said, "Can you say Peter-picked-a-peck-of-pickled-peppers?" (I thought it would stump him).    He looks at me with his serious face, thought about it, and goes, "No." 

Work has been very hard lately.  It has been very intense post April 15, which is hard.  Each day I think maybe I will catch up, and I don't, even though I have been working on days off and weekends.  It creates a lot of this worth it?  Is it something I want to continue?  When will they say "thank you" and "great job"?  This was sprinkled with getting year-end reviews back in the past week, which yes, did cause me to cry for about an hour.  I guess its just harder to take constructive criticism when you are pregnant! (although, I hardly found much of it constructive...oh wait, am I being too direct?  oops, guess I need to work on that some more...)

I need more time.  Clearly I need to cut out sleep. 

My friend and I were talking the other day about how God should really just start using neon signs.  You know, really big ones in bring pink or orange that told you what to do (or not).  I imagine it being something like these billboards, but brighter:

I think God must have a really good sense of humor; I really do. 

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