Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend...

Our morning started off nicely...Nathan wakes up and makes a ton of noise in his room, and Mommy lays in the bed until 8....Nathan started singing was some version of Brown Bear...where he was going, "Brown bear brown who do you see??" then I sang back, and he ran in my room and said, "no mama!  I sing!"  And then he sang Brown Bear again, as well as Row Row Row your boat...Then he clapped for himself. 

Today when I get something done...I am totally clapping for myself!!  I may also do the "Renee Happy Dance".

Then we made some breakfast...I told Nathan we would share the eggies, and so he set it up...
Two on each side...

Good thing I made three eggs...because he definately ate about half of this! 

We have been continuing more aggressive potty training since the success on Monday night (#2 in the pot).  Nathan either doesn't care, or doesn't understand, how to get #1 to come out yet...although, he does tell me that he is "all empty"...which is pretty darn cute.  This morning I let him run around without a diaper and just his pj's on, so he could see what happens...of course, I was scrubbing the carpet on the steps for awhile, but it's a start...

I am so hoping to get ahold of my friend today, because it's her birthday!


I don't get to see her very much since she is such a hard worker, so am I, and our schedules don't match.  But, Nathan and I are going to try to "drop in" on her today.  I don't have many friends, and lately, I have felt pretty lonely at times, so it's a blessing to know I always have Mel, no matter what happens.  Even when we don't talk for months, I could call her up anyday with any problem or story, and she would be there.  Thanks girl!  you're the best!

It's almost 9:30, which means in a short while, Nathan and I are going to bug out for some shopping at Archiver's.  I started some scrapbooking yesterday, and got two or three pages done, and I was able to assess what I needed.  Definately needing some brown cardstock for this one page, so will have to go and get that, as well as more paper in general so I have better choices.  Most of my next pages are summery, so I need lots of greens and outdoors type colors.

I haven't been able to sew much...I tried sewing my blocks together with Nathan the other day, and while I did get them sewn in strips, it was hard to do.  He wants to help so much that he gets in the way.  Also, it's getting a little uncomfortable to sew, so I don't know how much more of that I can do. 

Anyways, off to a great start of our day!

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