Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great day today and more pictures

I had a great day today  - work was it's usual string of endless requests, but I took a break and had lunch with a friend and it really lightened my spirits!  It may have helped we sat outside and I just got to breathe some fresh air and feel the sunshine during the middle of the day - clearly something I need to do more often.

On Friday we went to go see my sister's classroom before the year ended - I got to play with the "Smart Board", so that was kind of neat. 

Here's what it would look like if Mom knew how to work email...(she was pretending of course!)

I wrote a note to the students --  Karen left it up and said all the "good kids" commented on it!

Karen in her element...I seriously don't know how she teaches in this place everyday.  What the heck do schools do with all that money?  Clearly it isn't going to the classrooms. 

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