Friday, May 7, 2010

It's going to...snow?

Man it has been cold!

Yesterday we turned on the fireplace...not needed this morning as it is only 64 in the house (yesterday was 60!)...but it is supposed to rain all day, with possible snow tonight.  Crazy! A few weeks ago I was outside sunning myself in a tank top and shorts. 

I do have some petunia's outside, and I am pretty sure I will need to bring those in.  I had better write myself a note. 

Three of our perenials died this spring, which I thought was really good.  Two of them didn't do well last fall at all, so I wasn't surprised. 

I was also craving some grilling..but this weather is more for warm soups that have lingered on the stove for hours, or pot roasts in the oven all day...

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