Monday, May 31, 2010

Memories for Memorial Day...

I wasn't totally sure what Nathan and I were going to do all weekend with Daddy gone...but I finally decided just to invite myself over to my Mom's for a mini-vacation on Friday night.  Nathan and I packed up and headed over around 5 pm. 

When we got there, Grandma was busy trimming bushes...and the sweet potatoes arrived, and they had to be planted right away.  Nathan and I helped. 

Here's the tator-plantin' crew (minus me of course!)

These two didn't help very much though...

People have been telling me lately I "finally look pregnant"...I guess it's true!

Nathan and I rode around in the wagon together...he wasn't too sure at first until Mommy got in...

Nathan wouldn't smile - then Grandma told him to say "cheese" - apparently that DOES actually work for little kids.  I seriously never understood that before.

After that, we came in and got ready for dinner.  It was just me, mom and Nathan again...oh, and Benners. 

Nathan waiting for dinner...

First corn on the cob of summer - it's not the same until it comes from the garden, but still good.  The first summer Nathan had, he ate the corn right off the cob.  Last summer, he wouldn't touch it, and we had to cut it off for him.  This summer, it looks like we are back in business to eating it off the cob!

After dinner, Grandma made popcorn, and we sat and watched Cinderella.  Nathan didn't want to watch it, but as you can see, he loved it.  He sat on the couch for 30 minutes without moving (which could quite possibly be a record). 

More coming in another post....

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