Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Gigi...

She runs away when people come over.
She hides from Nathan and sneaks out only when he is in bed or in his highchair.
She is skittish and hates any scary noise. 
She doesn't curl up with Christopher.

But she finds me.  All the time. 

Like tonight, when I knew my fuse was short, and I was tired of of entertaining Nathan, and I snapped.  And then I cried, because that's not how Moms are supposed to act.  And Daddy came and took over because he could see I needed it.  And then I came upstairs.  And then came Gigi. 

She doesn't push or boss her way in like Roar does, doesn't root around and try to make herself comfortable, she just finds a spot where she can lay next to me and be. 

I think she was wondering why I was taking pictures of her tonight. 

Coming closer for some cuddles...she always knows when I need some. 

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