Saturday, May 1, 2010

Window washing day...and other stuff...

It's done. 

The window washing. 

I can't believe we got it all done in one day, but we did.  My mom came over at about 11 (I shouldn't have spent an hour weeding dandelions before that outside with Nathan) and we washed windows and cleaned screens until 5:15 with a break for lunch.  And when my mom washes windows, you also vacuum carpets and drapes, dust, mop hardwood and bathroom floors, and clean out the the tubs and sinks.  Oh, and she cleaned out the bottom of the refrigerator.  It was a lot of work.  About 4 pm I was ready to quit, but my mom, as usual, still had energy enough to do two houses I think.  Let me just say, dang, my house is clean. 

Nathan helping Grandma. 

I gave him this window to do for about a half hour...he loved it...

He figured out his spray bottle was fake though, and started to ask for the one that was "blue". 

Finished windows!  Clean ledges!  and Chris' stained glass put up! 

On another note, last night I finished my hardanger from my class.  ta-da!  I learned a lot about picots yesterday, those are the tiny little knots on the inner part of the project.  The teacher really didn't explain them well, and the directions didn't make sense (I had two sets).  But, online I found out there are different types, and different ways to do them, so I just went with what I found easiest. 

They say the back should look as good as the front - this is the back, what do you think?

Chris made this amazing grilled bread last night.  Usually we wrap it in tinfoil, but he just put these bad boys on the grill straight up - oh my gosh it was so good.  I took a picture so I can remember how good it tasted. 

Here she is!  I think it's a girl...not totally sure first car was a girl, but my second car was a boy...and my current Saturn is a girl.  I guess I am not sure what makes one a boy and one a girl, it's just something you know.  Like, Chris' Subaru in the background?  Its definitely a boy. 

And the back.  I love it!  I have only driven it three times though (no point in driving it much until the Subaru is sold!)

Well, its been a long day, but I am so happy to update my to-do list tonight by crossing off so many things...all of the window washing, done!  I finally bought a plant for my master bathroom - done!  I finished my hardanger, done!  It's a good thing too, because the list really can't be getting larger in the next three months (only three months left, can you believe it?  I can't!)

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