Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today's the big day...

we have been planning for nine or ten months!  No, its not the baby's my parents 40th anniversary party! 

Some smuck called them a few hours ago and pretty much wrecked the surprise...because they were like, "why is he invited?"  So, oh well, beans spilled.  I guess they don't know any of the DETAILS still. 

Yesterday was  a fun and very busy day...we went to the Blaine parade and Nathan is just a candy, he gets everything!  I was bummed they were handing out flowers to the Moms and I didn't get, apparently I don't look like a Mom.  :-) 

Anyways, after that we came  home and did stuff, and Nathan took a bath.  After the bath, Daddy was supposed to get him dressed.  But, Daddy was busy playing WOW.  So, poor Nathan  had to wait.  Seriously, I had to take pictures. 

Can you believe that kid is still asleep? I guess that is what happens when you get up at 3:30 AM and don't fall back asleep until 5AM...oh well, this is good..means he won't want to nap at 1 PM today when the festivities start!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary bloggy...

apparently on your one year anniversary true bloggers do something fabulous with their blog...they  have a contest, or write some amazing post, or something! 

me.  I missed it.  sorry bloggy, it was yesterday.  happy late anniversary. 

we went out last night with friends.  it was really fun.  I felt relaxed, I felt full, and then I came home and freaked out that I ate too much.  yes, that is my life right now - struggling between the constant worry that i am messing up this baby, that i am messing up myself, that I am constantly failing, and going to bed longing for french fries with tears in my eyes.

sounds pathetic, doesn't it?  that's how i feel too.  

Just like last pregnancy, I am starting to get to the point where I want to avoid people....just so they can't say anything to me that might make me crawl into my closet and have a good cry.  i know people are trying to be nice...women are the worst, "You are so small!  You don't even look pregnant!  you are having the baby in six weeks?  yeah right!...I was that big by like 20 weeks" and on and on and on.  i just want to scream back at these people.  Even my mom today says, "have you lost weight in your butt?"  i probably have.  who cares. 

Nathan was ornery all morning.  Just whining and crying, and I don't know if he was just tired, or had to poop, or just in a mood.  maybe it was the tiredness though, because i left him downstairs while I went to the bathroom and he had fallen asleep on the couch, which never happens. 

then, this lightning and thunder came rain really.  there was a huge BOOM and no more power.  it just came back on, which is good, but I was in the middle of cleaning, and now I have lost my desire.  who needs clean clothes anyways?  Also, I was going to work, but seeing as how the internet was down and everything is virtual now, that didn't work either. 

Today's devotion:  Sometimes you just have to get to the other side of a situation to see the whole picture of what God is doing in your life...use uncertain times to demonstrate your faith by trusting Him. 

Man.  that's hard.

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Swimming Lesson

Tonight was Nathan's first swimming lesson!  The video turned out way better than the photos, as he was on the move - he cried at first, and "didn't want to go swimming" and was crying here....

but he ended up jumping in, floating on his back and kicking, paddling on his front, laughing and splashing Daddy in the face, swimming for toys, and even sticking his face in and trying to blow bubbles.  I am so proud of my little boy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friendly Friday with a touch of Saturday sprinkled in...

On Friday our friends came over and we piled in the car to head for the zoo.  Man, was it a zoo!  People packed the place already 40 minutes after it opened...this is Nathan waiting for his turn on the carousel - brought back old memories of the state fair for me. 

Anna and Mommy - Happy friends!

Nathan was just so excited to ride this...when it started he was just giggling and shrieking with joy.  I loved it. 

The kids weren't really into the animals...Nathan kept wanting to ride the train he saw the first five minutes we were, I finally took him on it at the end.  He is so funny, whenever he does something new where he is totally excited, the tongue comes out....

Before dinner Anna and Nathan were playing with the hose...I just want to box up their cuteness and save it forever.

Saturday I woke up sick, but I still took Nathan over to see the hay baling.  He loved it.

He got a ride on the trailer for bit...but Daddy said he got kind of scared and said, "I want to watch from down there."

So, he and Daddy watched and threw hay around for about 40 minutes. 

Now we are home, and I should be napping with Nathan, but I don't feel tired, despite not sleeping at all last night.  I have hardly any voice and am feeling very congested.  I never got sick when I was pregnant with Nathan, so I am making sure I take it easy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the breeze was nice...

my favorite part about the new twins stadium...the evening breeze.  It was so nice and fresh to be sitting there, relaxing, talking (albeit it is a loud place...turn down the music!). 

but, i do have to say, i wasn't really that impressed.  i think they could have done better.  am I the only one?

it's too loud, like I mentioned, and the toilets are ridiculous, so I flushed "incorrectly"each time just because.   it was hard to see on the aisle, as people and vendors are so busy up/down/up/down...which, is normal for an aisle seat...but the angle in a baseball game never changes, so you think they could have planned that a little better. 

the grilled hot dogs were good though, but again, you think the prices could be a tad more reasonable...and just like the dome, they aren't - they gouge you because they prepared to take out a second mortgage if you ever take your family there!  

and i missed the classic music...they didn't play a lot of the "classics"...had some guy singing songs live...lame.  who wants to hear pop music at a baseball game?  not me.  play baseball music. 

I had a client meeting today, two actually, and on the way back, somehow we started talking about Dairy Queen, and I was reminiscing about the old spoons.  Remember those?  with the little sundae on top?  I LOVED those spoons, and I wish they would bring them back.  The new "mod" spoons are boring, as are their cups.  I was never a Dennis the Menace fan, but that was classic DQ

some things shouldn't change.  oh well, the breeze was nice. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday sunday...

Only two weeks left until the big anniversary party!  I am really getting excited, as my parents seem clueless (perhaps they know, but if they do, they hide it well).  Last Saturday we had only received about 40 for RSVP's, so I was a little disappointed -- but by the end of the weekend, we were up to 65, and now it is closer to 80, with a few more people we expect to come, it will probably be closer to 85.  Yes! 

So, next weekend I will make sure everything is in order for that - the only thing I think I want to do, that was not in our budget so it would purely be an expense for me, is to maybe get some bunches of balloons. 

I feel like throughout this pregnancy I have been bombarded by the consistent whining of other the point where I do not talk or socialize with those people.  Also, I have been constantly reminded of "what could go wrong" (thank you medical people) and there have been many days where its extremely challenging to think positively. 

But today, today I biked over four miles carrying my 40+ pound counterweight (Nathan plus trailer) and my 20+ pounds pregnancy weight.  We didn't go fast, but we did it, and yes, I was tired!  But I am excited to report that at 32 weeks I could still bike what I struggled to do years ago without a child and without being pregnant.   small victory.  yae me!

I finished my pieced borders a few minutes ago, so I had to share.  It is still due another set of solid borders...but a tax return I have been waiting to review just hit the queue, so that is next:

I have to admit, I really don't like the checkerboard border.  Good thing this was a mystery quilt!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happiness is....

-your son pooping without whimpering in pain for hours first beforehand.  yes!

-reading a few chapters in a good book on a rainy day - where it slowly drizzles all day long...

-Your husband making tacos for dinner

-finding an unexpected color for your border (dark green with some blue swirls, who would have thought?)

This is the first pieced border I have ever done.  As you can see, its only half finished - it takes WAY longer than a regular border. 
Borders are hard.  Its hard enough to measure and get it to be straight and not pucker and not cut off your star points (which, I am happy to say, I saw at the Quilt shop many sample quilts hanging with cut off star points...made me feel MUCH better).  But, its even harder to get the four-patches to line up (relatively) with the corresponding quilt.  You  have to take them in, let them out, annoying!  But, I got pretty close, and am happy with these first two sides. 

Center blocks done!

Started my day off with a cup full of happiness - made with love by Nathan.  I also moved the "coffee" cupboard closer to the coffee maker, and just thinking about that makes me happy.

About five minutes ago I finished sewing the center of my "Mystery" quilt.  I chose bright batiks this time around, which is really out of my comfort zone, but I have been wanting to choose a different colorway each time just because.  They definately are bright...

I am off to go shopping for the borders...what color do I want to bring out?  The purples?  The reds?  The greens?  Looking at this, there are even a lot of orangey colors....who knows?!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Potty training won't be an easy thing for this family....

Did I mention a few posts ago that Nathan didn't seem to understand what it was to pee?  Well, let me tell you, over the weekend, he learned.

and he learned he doesn't like it.

so he holds it.

and cries.

and whimpers.

 and does the potty dance for hours.

On Saturday he went #1 and #2 in the potty - but as he did each, he was in tears....we thought we were making progress....  We weren't  forcing him to go on the potty, usually he asked.

On Sunday he started really acting up - whimpering, holding it, saying his butt hurt...argh.  We kept telling him to just let it come, but nope, nothing.

On Monday we picked him up from daycare and he was a diaster.  He cried and whined all night, and told me he "didn't want it to come out".  ut oh.  we realized we had a major problem.

At about 10PM, I called my mom for advice.  This is after hours of Nathan crying and whimpering, and he wouldn't eat. 

She said, "he can't hold it forever!" and advised me just to give him some prunes to make it easier to get out.  So, at about 10:30, as Nathan was half asleep, half crying/whining in pain, we force fed him baby prunes.  NOT FUN.

Finally, about 1AM I turned the AC way down, hoping it would help Nathan sleep.  About 1:30, he finally conked out.  I was hoping he would pee while he slept, and he did. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were better (we hid the potty and stopped talking about it completely), and we are slowly making some progress.  He still whimpered last night when he felt like he had to pee, but I told him it was "Okay" and then he said to me, "Mommy!  I did it!  I peed in my diaper!".  So, I guess we will see where this goes.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

moo-moos and more!

On Thursday Nathan and I went with Grandma and Grandpa to get the steers for the summer.  He had a good time!

Grandma and Nathan were discussing the cows. They were bellering!

Here is Grandpa unloading them at home.

Nathan was watching...

I asked him to hold the gate for me for a second...he did a good job!


This is the mystery quilt from the class taken last year - finally finished! Quilted by my MIL - it looks amazing.  The binding took me awhile to do, because, I realized I don't like doing binding when I am hot, and I have been hot a lot lately.

Closeup of center block and quilting!

I got a lot done yesterday - which was good, because I didn't get anything done Thursday.  I finally put up the farm scene stickers in the babies room...very cute! 

I am really enjoying the green now...finding it refreshing as I sit in the room and imagine things and pray.

It was so fun putting these up and making a scene...

Kevin came over yesterday too and knocked tons of things off our to-do list!  It was awesome.  He got the car washed, put up some more door protection in the garage, taught me out to use the leaf blower, fixed the bathtub chrome (he went and got a new piece and put it in), and installed a new doorbell!

The house came with a white one, that we had already replaced because it kept fading to this yellow.  Hopefully this one will last!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More aggressive PT

So, as you may know, alittle over a week ago, Nathan was successful doing #2 in the potty.  Quite the accomplishment, since he has been reluctant to even try for the past couple months.  On Monday, he went in it again (after three attempts!).  Today, we sat on the potty for about 15 minutes after we got up.  Nothing.  Which, is normal.

So, I have been trying, when I can, to let Nathan run around without a diaper so he can learn what happens.  Two minutes after we get off the potty this morning, he goes downstairs to let the cats out, comes back up and says, "Mommy, I peed downstairs."  Sure enough, I go downstairs, and there it is.  Okay, so Nathan really does know what pee is...maybe he just can't control it, or, maybe he just really doesn't want to go in the potty yet...time will only tell...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A reminder to enjoy everyday....

I was swamped at work.  I stayed late.  I am still way behind.  On the bus I wondered how I would ever get it all done, and go to all the appointments that will now start on a weekly basis....then I heard on the news how a dad and his daughter, only three, died this weekend when a trailer came loose on the freeway and hit their SUV.  All the way home on the bus I was thinking about that...about that mom, about the whole family, about how they feel today.  Suddenly, work didn't seem so important, and I cheered up, and greeted my family with a smile. 
Continued from this weekend.....

Nathan woke up early Saturday morning - 6:20AM.  We didn't want to wake Mom and Karen up, so we went to the store, and went home to feed the cats, and came back and made breakfast.  I set up the pool and around 2:30 we went into it. 

Nathan loved fishing in the pool. 

Of course while we relaxed, Mom hauled wood (everything's normal!).

What can I say?  He wanted me to get in, and I did!  Life is too short!  (and yes, I was soaked all the way through...)

Mom after she picked me some parsley.

After that we went to church, and came home and Karen made this huge-ars bonfire!  It was so hot, we couldn't even get close enough at first to cook our hotdogs!

happy as can be...

Karen teaching him how to "pump" on the swing.  Together they were saying "in and out, in and out..."

I asked Nathan to show me his hotdog, and this is what I got.  Lovin' it!!


Fishin' after dinner...

Benny even got into it! 

I did find a lot of small little pockets of time this weekend to work on Nathan's scrapbook - I guess it would be boring to take pictures of my scrapbook pages for on here, but some of them were very cute.  I am excited to see if I can get caught up before the baby is born!