Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the breeze was nice...

my favorite part about the new twins stadium...the evening breeze.  It was so nice and fresh to be sitting there, relaxing, talking (albeit it is a loud place...turn down the music!). 

but, i do have to say, i wasn't really that impressed.  i think they could have done better.  am I the only one?

it's too loud, like I mentioned, and the toilets are ridiculous, so I flushed "incorrectly"each time just because.   it was hard to see on the aisle, as people and vendors are so busy up/down/up/down...which, is normal for an aisle seat...but the angle in a baseball game never changes, so you think they could have planned that a little better. 

the grilled hot dogs were good though, but again, you think the prices could be a tad more reasonable...and just like the dome, they aren't - they gouge you because they prepared to take out a second mortgage if you ever take your family there!  

and i missed the classic music...they didn't play a lot of the "classics"...had some guy singing songs live...lame.  who wants to hear pop music at a baseball game?  not me.  play baseball music. 

I had a client meeting today, two actually, and on the way back, somehow we started talking about Dairy Queen, and I was reminiscing about the old spoons.  Remember those?  with the little sundae on top?  I LOVED those spoons, and I wish they would bring them back.  The new "mod" spoons are boring, as are their cups.  I was never a Dennis the Menace fan, but that was classic DQ

some things shouldn't change.  oh well, the breeze was nice. 


  1. Are you kidding? I loved Target Field. The fresh air, I agree the breeze was great...but I liked the whole place. I didn't seem to have a problem with the toilet...not sure what was weird about them? You must have gone on a wierd night, because they had good music on Tuesday...We'll have to compare notes tomorrow on our big day!

  2. Yeah, i am pretty sure i am the only one. and the music was good, but it wasn't baseball music...where was the classic stuff? didn't play it on our night. see you in a few. house isn't clean by the way.