Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friendly Friday with a touch of Saturday sprinkled in...

On Friday our friends came over and we piled in the car to head for the zoo.  Man, was it a zoo!  People packed the place already 40 minutes after it opened...this is Nathan waiting for his turn on the carousel - brought back old memories of the state fair for me. 

Anna and Mommy - Happy friends!

Nathan was just so excited to ride this...when it started he was just giggling and shrieking with joy.  I loved it. 

The kids weren't really into the animals...Nathan kept wanting to ride the train he saw the first five minutes we were, I finally took him on it at the end.  He is so funny, whenever he does something new where he is totally excited, the tongue comes out....

Before dinner Anna and Nathan were playing with the hose...I just want to box up their cuteness and save it forever.

Saturday I woke up sick, but I still took Nathan over to see the hay baling.  He loved it.

He got a ride on the trailer for bit...but Daddy said he got kind of scared and said, "I want to watch from down there."

So, he and Daddy watched and threw hay around for about 40 minutes. 

Now we are home, and I should be napping with Nathan, but I don't feel tired, despite not sleeping at all last night.  I have hardly any voice and am feeling very congested.  I never got sick when I was pregnant with Nathan, so I am making sure I take it easy.

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  1. We had fun! Thanks for sending the pictures, I took a ton so will perhaps bring them to you next time we see you.