Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happiness is....

-your son pooping without whimpering in pain for hours first beforehand.  yes!

-reading a few chapters in a good book on a rainy day - where it slowly drizzles all day long...

-Your husband making tacos for dinner

-finding an unexpected color for your border (dark green with some blue swirls, who would have thought?)

This is the first pieced border I have ever done.  As you can see, its only half finished - it takes WAY longer than a regular border. 
Borders are hard.  Its hard enough to measure and get it to be straight and not pucker and not cut off your star points (which, I am happy to say, I saw at the Quilt shop many sample quilts hanging with cut off star points...made me feel MUCH better).  But, its even harder to get the four-patches to line up (relatively) with the corresponding quilt.  You  have to take them in, let them out, annoying!  But, I got pretty close, and am happy with these first two sides. 

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