Saturday, June 5, 2010

moo-moos and more!

On Thursday Nathan and I went with Grandma and Grandpa to get the steers for the summer.  He had a good time!

Grandma and Nathan were discussing the cows. They were bellering!

Here is Grandpa unloading them at home.

Nathan was watching...

I asked him to hold the gate for me for a second...he did a good job!


This is the mystery quilt from the class taken last year - finally finished! Quilted by my MIL - it looks amazing.  The binding took me awhile to do, because, I realized I don't like doing binding when I am hot, and I have been hot a lot lately.

Closeup of center block and quilting!

I got a lot done yesterday - which was good, because I didn't get anything done Thursday.  I finally put up the farm scene stickers in the babies room...very cute! 

I am really enjoying the green now...finding it refreshing as I sit in the room and imagine things and pray.

It was so fun putting these up and making a scene...

Kevin came over yesterday too and knocked tons of things off our to-do list!  It was awesome.  He got the car washed, put up some more door protection in the garage, taught me out to use the leaf blower, fixed the bathtub chrome (he went and got a new piece and put it in), and installed a new doorbell!

The house came with a white one, that we had already replaced because it kept fading to this yellow.  Hopefully this one will last!

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