Thursday, June 3, 2010

More aggressive PT

So, as you may know, alittle over a week ago, Nathan was successful doing #2 in the potty.  Quite the accomplishment, since he has been reluctant to even try for the past couple months.  On Monday, he went in it again (after three attempts!).  Today, we sat on the potty for about 15 minutes after we got up.  Nothing.  Which, is normal.

So, I have been trying, when I can, to let Nathan run around without a diaper so he can learn what happens.  Two minutes after we get off the potty this morning, he goes downstairs to let the cats out, comes back up and says, "Mommy, I peed downstairs."  Sure enough, I go downstairs, and there it is.  Okay, so Nathan really does know what pee is...maybe he just can't control it, or, maybe he just really doesn't want to go in the potty yet...time will only tell...

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