Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A reminder to enjoy everyday....

I was swamped at work.  I stayed late.  I am still way behind.  On the bus I wondered how I would ever get it all done, and go to all the appointments that will now start on a weekly basis....then I heard on the news how a dad and his daughter, only three, died this weekend when a trailer came loose on the freeway and hit their SUV.  All the way home on the bus I was thinking about that...about that mom, about the whole family, about how they feel today.  Suddenly, work didn't seem so important, and I cheered up, and greeted my family with a smile. 
Continued from this weekend.....

Nathan woke up early Saturday morning - 6:20AM.  We didn't want to wake Mom and Karen up, so we went to the store, and went home to feed the cats, and came back and made breakfast.  I set up the pool and around 2:30 we went into it. 

Nathan loved fishing in the pool. 

Of course while we relaxed, Mom hauled wood (everything's normal!).

What can I say?  He wanted me to get in, and I did!  Life is too short!  (and yes, I was soaked all the way through...)

Mom after she picked me some parsley.

After that we went to church, and came home and Karen made this huge-ars bonfire!  It was so hot, we couldn't even get close enough at first to cook our hotdogs!

happy as can be...

Karen teaching him how to "pump" on the swing.  Together they were saying "in and out, in and out..."

I asked Nathan to show me his hotdog, and this is what I got.  Lovin' it!!


Fishin' after dinner...

Benny even got into it! 

I did find a lot of small little pockets of time this weekend to work on Nathan's scrapbook - I guess it would be boring to take pictures of my scrapbook pages for on here, but some of them were very cute.  I am excited to see if I can get caught up before the baby is born! 

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