Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday sunday...

Only two weeks left until the big anniversary party!  I am really getting excited, as my parents seem clueless (perhaps they know, but if they do, they hide it well).  Last Saturday we had only received about 40 for RSVP's, so I was a little disappointed -- but by the end of the weekend, we were up to 65, and now it is closer to 80, with a few more people we expect to come, it will probably be closer to 85.  Yes! 

So, next weekend I will make sure everything is in order for that - the only thing I think I want to do, that was not in our budget so it would purely be an expense for me, is to maybe get some bunches of balloons. 

I feel like throughout this pregnancy I have been bombarded by the consistent whining of other the point where I do not talk or socialize with those people.  Also, I have been constantly reminded of "what could go wrong" (thank you medical people) and there have been many days where its extremely challenging to think positively. 

But today, today I biked over four miles carrying my 40+ pound counterweight (Nathan plus trailer) and my 20+ pounds pregnancy weight.  We didn't go fast, but we did it, and yes, I was tired!  But I am excited to report that at 32 weeks I could still bike what I struggled to do years ago without a child and without being pregnant.   small victory.  yae me!

I finished my pieced borders a few minutes ago, so I had to share.  It is still due another set of solid borders...but a tax return I have been waiting to review just hit the queue, so that is next:

I have to admit, I really don't like the checkerboard border.  Good thing this was a mystery quilt!

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  1. I like the mystery quilt...very bright and fun.