Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today's the big day...

we have been planning for nine or ten months!  No, its not the baby's my parents 40th anniversary party! 

Some smuck called them a few hours ago and pretty much wrecked the surprise...because they were like, "why is he invited?"  So, oh well, beans spilled.  I guess they don't know any of the DETAILS still. 

Yesterday was  a fun and very busy day...we went to the Blaine parade and Nathan is just a candy, he gets everything!  I was bummed they were handing out flowers to the Moms and I didn't get, apparently I don't look like a Mom.  :-) 

Anyways, after that we came  home and did stuff, and Nathan took a bath.  After the bath, Daddy was supposed to get him dressed.  But, Daddy was busy playing WOW.  So, poor Nathan  had to wait.  Seriously, I had to take pictures. 

Can you believe that kid is still asleep? I guess that is what happens when you get up at 3:30 AM and don't fall back asleep until 5AM...oh well, this is good..means he won't want to nap at 1 PM today when the festivities start!


  1. Poor Nathan. This helps my argument for why Brian does NOT need a laptop...

  2. PS-I hope the party went well!