Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is what summer is all about...

Tonight we made the first of the season BLT's - and let me tell you, the BLT is completely made by the tomato.  It's not the lettuce (filler), its not the bacon (which is always delicious however you have it), and its not the bread (vehicle to hold important stuff) -- it's the tomato.  So, you have got to have that freshly picked, vine-ripened, juicy tomato for that perfect BLT...and we did.  Yum.

Chris and I were talking tonight as we got supper ready about how we kind of feel bad because there are moments when we forget Evan is here...he is such a good baby right now - there have even been times already when we are doing some "tummy time" where he just decides to fall asleep instead.  Nathan would have never done that...In fact, I remember asking my mom shortly after I had Nathan, "Mom, are babies ever just awake and happy?"  Because, Nathan was always either eating, crying, or asleep...But Evan spends up to a half hour just chillin' with us...and barely makes a peep. 

Which has made this whole week amazing...yesterday Chris and I dropped Evan off with Grandma and went to lunch followed by a matinee.  With Evan only up really once (and a few times twice) a night (sleeping four hours at a time already), we really haven't been that tired.  And since we decided not to pull Nathan out of school for the few months I am home, only to put him back and confuse his schedule even more (and have to pay $$ to hold his spot), the days are calm. 

It was Evan's one week birthday!
I told him to smile for the camera and this is what I got...I think he is smirking at me already!

After we got home from the movie, I decided to take on the pile of cucumbers my mom gave me.  I wasn't planning on doing any more pickling, but since my mom gave me larger pickles, and I like to can in pints, I decided to cut the pickles to a matching length and then can them. 
I made nine pints!  Aren't they lovely?  I can't wait to try them...

Today Auntie Karen, Nathan and I went to the beach while Daddy stayed home with Evan.  What fun it was!  Blaine has a new beach (man-made), but it's great because it wasn't that crowded, it's free, and there is also a splash pad there.  Nathan had a great time today and met another little boy with his exact birthday (was very ironic).  We dug roads and drove trucks, made rivers, Karen and Nathan went swimming, ate snacks, drank iced tea and juice boxes, and relaxed in the warm summer sun. 

Tomorrow we head to the doctor for our one week checkup, and let me tell you, how refreshing is it for once it's not an appointment for me!  :-) 

We are looking forward to the weekend..we have a wedding two and a half hours away, so it will be our first excursion with a baby AND a toddler.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tonight will be a week...

since I went into labor.  I can hardly believe it! 

Tomorrow our little boy will a week old.  It's been a week?  Both Chris and I keep thinking it was just a few nights ago I woke him up and we drove to the hospital.


Nathan really watching the candles on Grandpa's birthday cake on Friday night.  What a surprise it was to everyone to show up with a baby....

Blowing out Grandpa's candles he couldn't reach...

So peaceful...his cheeks are already filling out!
We turned on the sprinklers on Sunday for first he was scared, so Daddy had to throw him in!

But then he was fearless!

We snuggled while the boys napped...
all wet!
We did corn today! 

this is what Evan did while I did, was he a help!!

Look at those skinny legs!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What a difference a few days can make...

As you can tell by my last post, I had no idea I was going to go into labor that night.  With Nathan, I waited and waited, and tried everything, but yet had to be induced.  I pretty much expected it this time as well, especially since my due date was off by two weeks and they moved it up...clearly I wouldn't go into labor on my own this time either...

but the past few doctor's visits every week my doctor told me how much closer I was getting...and that I was having contractions, so I did start to wonder and I made sure I was getting things done and ready....  Good thing too...because Evan arrived Wednesday afternoon after 11 hours of labor....

I couldn't believe he was suddenly here!

I woke up around 2AM Wednesday morning with a really bad cramp.   Geez, I thought, I guess that Juicy Lucy I had at Matt's Bar really isn't sitting well with me.  I went to the bathroom, and back to bed.  Another cramp.  Hmmm, I thought, I had better go drink some water, I am having some bad cramps/light contractions or something.   Back to bed.  A few minutes later.  Another one.  A few minutes later.  Another one.  Crap, I thought, maybe I should time these. 

By now it was about 2:30, ...6 minutes apart...then 5 minutes ironic was it that I had had a conversation with a coworker the day before about how far apart your contractions should be before you go in?  We were laughing that neither of us knew after our firsts because we were induced. 

I went and cleaned up the family room - put all of Nathan's toys away, and picked up the kitchen.  Why you ask?  My first thought was, Chris' parents will come over, and they will see this mess...either way, maybe it will help them go away.  It didn't.

I went downstairs to the basement and laid down for awhile because I started to feel nauseous, and didn't want to wake Christopher for a false alarm.  It was 3 am then, and I told myself I would wake Chris at 4 if things didn't slow down.  I thought about eating a few saltines or something, but was worried they would come right back up, so I didn't. 

I remember staring at the clock...really?  Still 5 minutes?  oh wait, that was only 4 minutes...then 6 minutes...then 5 hit 4AM and I went upstairs and sat down on our bed and said, "Christopher, I am having contractions".

He woke up and said, "yes sweetie, you will have them for weeks now off and on probably...go back to sleep..."

And I said, "No.  I am having contractions.  Steady ones.  5 minutes apart.  We need to call your parents and go to the hospital."

He said, "are you serious?"  :-)  (after the fact now this makes me laugh....)

We called the hospital, they said, "come in!", we packed up, his parents came over, and we stopped downtown so I could go into work and grab my computer (the one night I don't bring it home!).  My contractions were 3 minutes apart in the car.

Got the hospital, they said, we will monitor you for an hour, if you don't change, we will send you home.  I seriously knew I couldn't go contractions were starting to hurt dang bad...30 minutes later, I paged the nurse, she was like, "yes?" and I go, "my water just broke."  She came in and was like, "looks like you are staying and having a baby today!"

A few hours later we went from four!  Joy!

A happy older brother!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winding down...

These two weeks I knew (if I was at work), I would have to spend them winding things down and handing things over. 

It's harder for me on some things than others...but I think some of the people I work for are seriously in denial.  Every night I make sure my desk is as cleaned as possible...for over two months I have been taking work home at night, working on my days off, and pushing pushing pushing people to get things done for me (which hasn't really been all that successful). 

Anyways, on Monday morning this week I had 11 piles!   *slightly annoyed*

Not to mention, there are still a few people who continue to want "new" things when I am rushing trying to get the "old" things done. 

So, today I started a "I don't think I am going to get to that" pile. 

it was nice.  it felt invigorating.  i thought about baby blankets for a few moments instead...little booties...onesies...late night feedings...the loss of time and caring about every second...i thought about how i would watch the school bus go by three times in the mornings and three times in the afternoon...

*sigh*.  I am ready baby to meet you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally All Pieced

Okay, so the past week or so I have felt like I am becoming noctural.  I usually like to go to bed early, but I don't think there has been one night this week where I have even attempted going to sleep before 10:30, most nights it has been after 11.  Last night was no exception, with the weather, and power outage at Mom and Dad's, Nathan and I didn't get home until 10:15, and I didn't go to bed until after midnight.  Anyways, maybe this explains how TIRED I am in the mornings, because today I was just so tired after breakfast and felt like doing nothing... 

So, instead I went and finished putting the borders on my quilt.  I just feel like I can't waste time....37 weeks, 2 days! 

The green border was really a good choice - I don't think I will be working with bright batiks anytime soon though again...

Blanket on floor + 2 year old = Happiness

Friday, July 16, 2010

You did what to my Target store?!!!

So, I went to Target this morning with Nathan to do half of my "once a month stock-up" in addition to my "omgoodness the baby is coming soon I need to be prepared shopping!!" and low and behold, the grocery section was completely redone. 

No big deal, right? 

WRONG. I stayed up last night organizing my list based upon the order of the store since I knew I had Nathan with me, and I had to be as efficient as possible, and know what things matched what coupons, so I wouldn't be in there for two hours.  ARGH. I was annoyed.  The bread is now in the cereal aisle...the black beans are not next to the soups...the spices are now across from the soups...very confusing. 

In addition to that, I am lugging around this packed cart, with a child in it, and I am obviously pregnant, and I am turning this corner and this man, with a small basket comes around, and stands there, waiting for me to move.  Ummm..excuse me?  Can we say rude rude rude! 

The first trip of the day I saved over $78 with my coupons and discounts - so not too bad, not to mention I bought stuff on sale or generic when possible.  I am going back later for the rest of my list. 

Yesterday was busy busy too...I froze 10 bags of beans, made two roasts with potatoes, carrots, and onions which became hash which is to be frozen, and worked for over three hours. 

Halfway done with the beans!

Getting ready for Hash Making!

I need a nap!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The tator tot...

is getting bigger and wiser everyday. 

Last night he was talking to me, telling me about how he gave Daddy some beads, and I was listening, I wasn't looking at him though.  He kept saying, "Mom, are you listening to me?  Mom?  Mom?"  and I was saying, "yes Nathan, I heard you!"

Finally he comes over and goes, "Mom, Mom, look at me" and turns my head so I look at him and he goes, "Mom, are you listening?  Look at me, I gave Daddy some gold beads..." And I am like, "yes Nathan, I hear you."  :-)

Then later on he tells me "I like Mommy the best".  

I soaked that up! 

Because we all know that is not going to last forever with a father who hunts, fishes, plays video games, bikes, and can play soccer. 

He was also very specific this morning on what he wanted for breakfast - apple juice in sippy cup with ice, a banana, some cornbread, with butter, and the jelly that was "not hot" which he pointed out to me, and some apple sauce.  Pretty  healthy choices, so I let him have that. 

Today is going to be busy - I need to work on my grocery list so I can do my "stock up"shopping either tomorrow or Sunday and get that done.  Its going to be a three-tripper I think, with everything I want to get so I want to be really organized.  I also need to freeze some beans, and cross a few items off my to-do list, and take Nathan to the park or to Grandma's for an outing this morning!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was reading something tonight about joy - because I have been thinking a lot about it lately...about moments where I have felt it...about people who seem to have it in spades...

So, what struck me was the line:  Joy makes us strong.

Many of my thoughts always go the other way, like:

-If I was stronger, then this wouldn't bother me ...
-If I didn't worry so much, then I could relax ...
-If I could just get everything done on my list, my day wouldn't be wasted...

but I think I have been wrong everytime I have thought things like that.  it IS the other way around. 

Joy makes us strong.

When I am joyful, no worry, no additional work, no detour from the plan can impact me! 

Bring on the joy!  (remind me to read this post tomorrow AM before my doctor's appointment)  :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Moments of Pure Joy, Part II

Nathan was always being compared to someone. 

But he was younger, and he was a boy, and so he wasn't doing everything the other kids would do. 

I tried everything to get him to wave, or clap, or blow kisses, or say "bye", but he didn't. 
Karen said he waved to her in the mirror while she was babysitting...I didn't see it. 

I wasn't too sure. 

I was worried.  I would like to say I did not google when babies should start wave or clap or talk or crawl or sit up or eat solid foods.  but I can't.  because I did.  Because I was worried. 

Then, one day, he waved bye-bye.

Oh, the feeling!  the pride, the joy!  Finally, after what seemed like ages of us waving at everything, he waved back. 

tears of joy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Tomorrow is Christopher's official 31st birthday - but we celebrated with ribfest today at Grandma and Grandpa's!  It poured rained a few minutes after we got there...but eventually it cleared up and was a beautiful evening!

When Grandpa and Grandma Speltz came, it was totally down pouring - Nathan just kept watching out the window for them to get out of their car and come in. 

Play games with Auntie Karen while we waited for the rain to stop...the guys watched the end of the soccer match. 

Nathan begged Daddy to take him out to see the puddles...but then Grandpa Speltz told him he would get sucked down the then Nathan was afraid and wouldn't go!

Finally an awesome family picture!  I think this one is going to get framed and put up in my house.

Classic rib picture - they do this every year...this is the goofy one I liked best.

Nathan and Daddy enjoying the classic Daddy birthday ice cream cake made by Grandma!  Nathan's favorite part:  the cookie bottom. 


Nathan just loved helping Daddy open all his great gifts!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Auntie Karen's Swimming Lessons & Other random things....

Auntie Karen took Nathan to his swimming lesson this week since Daddy couldn't and I am far too pregnant to go. 

He had a blast!

Its hard to get a clear picture as they are always moving...
But as you can see...he had fun!
The next day he asked if he could go swimming in the "big pool" again - a big change from three weeks ago when he was scared!

Thursday was a big "gotta get stuff done day" - and I think I crossed at least five things off my list.  Plus I did a few that weren't even on it. 

Like, frying this chicken.  I did two boxes so we would have a good supply once the baby comes - we get this at Sam's, and they are great - we fry them up in bulk and freeze them, and then have them over salads or in wraps.  Nathan likes them too - makes for an easy meal.  I fried them outside though to not heat up the house - dang it was hot!  Even in the shade!

While the chicken was frying, I had my clock, water, and a bucket of popcorn that needed to be shucked.  That took forever, and my chicken was all done and I still didn't finish that popcorn.  Oh well!  I'll have to work on it slowly this summer I guess...

While I was doing that, I watched the baby birds in the next under our deck.  The birds built three nests this year under our deck, Chris got rid of the first two before there were eggs, but this nest was built within 2 days and the eggs were in there right away, so he couldn't kill it.  Three little baby robins...i have been watching them everyday now to see when they are going to fly away.  The cats are going crazy watching the parents swoop back and forth.

Another thing I hadn't planned on was getting all of our green chile's cooked up...Chris did most of that...mmmmmm....

I also had a spurt of energy and ran over to my Mom's with two iced coffees.  She gave me cucumbers fresh from the garden...I made them up with the classic dressing I love!  I swear there is something about these...

4 t vinegar, 2T oil, 1 t salt (more or less), dash pepper, 1 T sugar (I do less), and a small onion (fresh from the garden if you have it!)  Toss and let sit about 30 minutes.  Loving it!

The baby has really been pushing on me these last few days...and I don't remember feeling this way last time (sore and achy and tired but not really), but then again, I remember NOT writing down my complaints all the time because that's not how I wanted to remember being pregnant. 

Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday party!  I am excited to eat ribs.  Mmmmmm. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last night I meant to post some pictures, but didn't - so here are some of 4th of July!  We spent most of the day at my parents, after a fun morning of going to church and Embers.  Nathan had pancakes of course!
The tractor was brought out and a few of the dads took a few of the kids for rides.  Nathan loves it at Grandma and Grandpas. 

The pool was out too - Nathan played in it off and on most of the day - can we say wet wet wet? 

Then, Daddy taught him how to use the squirt gun!  Everyone was getting squirted...Nathan thought it was hilarious. 

After dinner, a 4th of July tradition, is homemade ice cream.  My aunt Jeanne used to get a really gross cake too from Byerly's (one with really sugary frosting) and would make us sing Happy Birthday to America.  Karen and I kind of miss that...incredibly corny, but it always made us laugh. 

This is the crew right before the fireworks display.  I brought all sorts of glow-things!

I love this picture of Nathan and Grandma!  Totally in awe!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drainy, rainy day....

The past 24 hours have been amazing and busy!  It started last night as I was taking a bubble bath.  I was reading my book and Nathan was playing with the massive amount of bubbles (I like bubbles!) and then he ran out of the room.  I was confused.

I said, "Nathan!  Nathan!  Where are you?  Where did you go?"  He comes running back in...and says, "Mommy, I have to go poopy."  I could hardly believe it!  Music to this mother's ears!

This may not seem like much to most people, but Nathan has spent over a month now withering in pain every 2 to 3 days because he has not wanted to poop.  It has scared him.  He would spend hours and hours crying, and whimpering, and asking to be held, and then when it would actually happen, he would scream and cry something awful for long periods of time until it was over.  It broke your heart.  We even talked to the doctor about it.

but last night he just went.  no crying.  no fuss.  no agonizing i-have-to-potty-but-i-refuse scrunches!   yes! 

his bedtime has been getting progressively later and later this summer...he hasn't been falling asleep lately until 10:30, thus, the mornings are hard.  This morning Daddy woke up with a cold (the one Nathan and I have had and have been suffering through for weeks) and so he wasn't moving, and Nathan was a slug, so it took all my energy to get going to so those two would get out of bed so we could get to work/school. 

Work was busy busy, followed by a doctor's appointment.  I usually have my appointments in the morning, so I was nervous about having one in the afternoon.  don't ask why.  anyways, it went really well - I had my first NST and baby was doing great, but surprise surprise, apparently I am having contractions.  Don't feel a thing so doctor said not to worry about it and since I am almost 36 weeks, its no big deal if I go, I am one cm dialated...not that that means anything either, but the last time I was induced, it took me 4 hours of labor to get to one, this is definately different!

I suddenly realized and started to panic though about all the things I haven't done - I haven't signed up or taken a baptism class - I haven't pre-registered at the hospital - I haven't packed my bags or even thought about it - the last time I was this far along, everything was ready, everything was done, everything was planned! 

So, tomorrow will be a planning, getting ready, crossing things off list kind of day.  its hard to believe its all getting so close....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Roary's Special Day

Roary and Gigi had a special day this past weekend.

They got baths. 

Roary's fur was very dirty in the back.  The only problem was, he had so much fur back there, it all matted up after the bath.  I swear I brushed at least two cats worth out of him over the next couple days...but he is soft and cuddly again!

Gigi is a really clean cat.  Poor thing got a bath just because Roary did. 

hee hee.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nathan's First Big Catch

We started off our 4th of July weekend early on Friday morning - I got Nathan dressed in his American finery - he was willing to pose for me. 

We were out of basics (milk, eggs, bread) so we made a trip to the store and Nathan got a patriotic donut - he was so excited to eat it as you can see.  Mommy splurged and ate a donut too. 

After running around to the store and making and eating breakfast, Nathan took a short one hour nap, but he was ready to go fishing when we got to Mom and Dad's around 1PM.  It took awhile to get up to the lake because of traffic, but once we started to back the boat into the water...Nathan just started smiling. 

He was so ready to get going!  Once we started going fast he had to sit up by Kevin and Daddy because of the wind - it was good because Karen and I got soaked in the back.  I loved it!  Best part about fishing - cruisin' round the lake. 

Oh, and this is my 4th of July hat I bought with Karen and Melanie years ago that we wore to the Taste...I have never worn it with the strings down, but man, it was awesome not to have to worry about my hat while we were zippin' around. 

Here is Nathan with his first catch ever! He helped Daddy reel it in - he wouldn't even look at me, just kept staring at that fish - so proud! 

Nathan and I spend most of our time in the front of the boat - it was easier for me and him to sit really close that way, and he opened the live well for everyone as we caught fish - we got our limit, and it was fun to have Nathan along because we could catch a limit for him too! 
Here's our Captain!

And here's Auntie Karen with her big catch!