Saturday, July 10, 2010

Auntie Karen's Swimming Lessons & Other random things....

Auntie Karen took Nathan to his swimming lesson this week since Daddy couldn't and I am far too pregnant to go. 

He had a blast!

Its hard to get a clear picture as they are always moving...
But as you can see...he had fun!
The next day he asked if he could go swimming in the "big pool" again - a big change from three weeks ago when he was scared!

Thursday was a big "gotta get stuff done day" - and I think I crossed at least five things off my list.  Plus I did a few that weren't even on it. 

Like, frying this chicken.  I did two boxes so we would have a good supply once the baby comes - we get this at Sam's, and they are great - we fry them up in bulk and freeze them, and then have them over salads or in wraps.  Nathan likes them too - makes for an easy meal.  I fried them outside though to not heat up the house - dang it was hot!  Even in the shade!

While the chicken was frying, I had my clock, water, and a bucket of popcorn that needed to be shucked.  That took forever, and my chicken was all done and I still didn't finish that popcorn.  Oh well!  I'll have to work on it slowly this summer I guess...

While I was doing that, I watched the baby birds in the next under our deck.  The birds built three nests this year under our deck, Chris got rid of the first two before there were eggs, but this nest was built within 2 days and the eggs were in there right away, so he couldn't kill it.  Three little baby robins...i have been watching them everyday now to see when they are going to fly away.  The cats are going crazy watching the parents swoop back and forth.

Another thing I hadn't planned on was getting all of our green chile's cooked up...Chris did most of that...mmmmmm....

I also had a spurt of energy and ran over to my Mom's with two iced coffees.  She gave me cucumbers fresh from the garden...I made them up with the classic dressing I love!  I swear there is something about these...

4 t vinegar, 2T oil, 1 t salt (more or less), dash pepper, 1 T sugar (I do less), and a small onion (fresh from the garden if you have it!)  Toss and let sit about 30 minutes.  Loving it!

The baby has really been pushing on me these last few days...and I don't remember feeling this way last time (sore and achy and tired but not really), but then again, I remember NOT writing down my complaints all the time because that's not how I wanted to remember being pregnant. 

Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday party!  I am excited to eat ribs.  Mmmmmm. 

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