Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drainy, rainy day....

The past 24 hours have been amazing and busy!  It started last night as I was taking a bubble bath.  I was reading my book and Nathan was playing with the massive amount of bubbles (I like bubbles!) and then he ran out of the room.  I was confused.

I said, "Nathan!  Nathan!  Where are you?  Where did you go?"  He comes running back in...and says, "Mommy, I have to go poopy."  I could hardly believe it!  Music to this mother's ears!

This may not seem like much to most people, but Nathan has spent over a month now withering in pain every 2 to 3 days because he has not wanted to poop.  It has scared him.  He would spend hours and hours crying, and whimpering, and asking to be held, and then when it would actually happen, he would scream and cry something awful for long periods of time until it was over.  It broke your heart.  We even talked to the doctor about it.

but last night he just went.  no crying.  no fuss.  no agonizing i-have-to-potty-but-i-refuse scrunches!   yes! 

his bedtime has been getting progressively later and later this summer...he hasn't been falling asleep lately until 10:30, thus, the mornings are hard.  This morning Daddy woke up with a cold (the one Nathan and I have had and have been suffering through for weeks) and so he wasn't moving, and Nathan was a slug, so it took all my energy to get going to so those two would get out of bed so we could get to work/school. 

Work was busy busy, followed by a doctor's appointment.  I usually have my appointments in the morning, so I was nervous about having one in the afternoon.  don't ask why.  anyways, it went really well - I had my first NST and baby was doing great, but surprise surprise, apparently I am having contractions.  Don't feel a thing so doctor said not to worry about it and since I am almost 36 weeks, its no big deal if I go, I am one cm dialated...not that that means anything either, but the last time I was induced, it took me 4 hours of labor to get to one, this is definately different!

I suddenly realized and started to panic though about all the things I haven't done - I haven't signed up or taken a baptism class - I haven't pre-registered at the hospital - I haven't packed my bags or even thought about it - the last time I was this far along, everything was ready, everything was done, everything was planned! 

So, tomorrow will be a planning, getting ready, crossing things off list kind of day.  its hard to believe its all getting so close....

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