Monday, July 12, 2010

Moments of Pure Joy, Part II

Nathan was always being compared to someone. 

But he was younger, and he was a boy, and so he wasn't doing everything the other kids would do. 

I tried everything to get him to wave, or clap, or blow kisses, or say "bye", but he didn't. 
Karen said he waved to her in the mirror while she was babysitting...I didn't see it. 

I wasn't too sure. 

I was worried.  I would like to say I did not google when babies should start wave or clap or talk or crawl or sit up or eat solid foods.  but I can't.  because I did.  Because I was worried. 

Then, one day, he waved bye-bye.

Oh, the feeling!  the pride, the joy!  Finally, after what seemed like ages of us waving at everything, he waved back. 

tears of joy.

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