Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moments of pure joy...

The day he picked me up and what I am thinking about tonight....

It was December.  It was cold.  I went to Amoco to get gas after work and the woman at the register was mean.  You had to prepay but not at the pump and I prepaid too much and she wouldn't refund my money.  It was the start of why I never went to another Amoco/BP. 

I was rushing to get home, it was lightly snowing, and traffic took forever.  Chris and I were going out to Donatelli's - a lovely little Italian restaurant in White Bear Lake that he had never been to...and then to a movie I wanted to see...  I haven't been back for years.  I should go and eat carbs like there is no tomorrow. 

The night got better.  Donatellis was delicious.  The movie was sweet - almost our story, but not...You've Got Mail. 

After the movie, we walked to my car in the parking lot...

Chris  picked me up for no reason and twirled me around as the snow fell down and I laughed. 

It was a moment of pure joy. 

simple, honest happiness. 

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